A Birthday Gift for my Sister




My sister loves high end art scarves and collects them. I decided to maker her a scarf for her birthday. The more usual way to make scarves like this one, is to sandwich the ribbons between sheets of wash- away stabilizer. I don’t have any in my stash. Another way I have made these sorts of scarves is to sandwich the fibers between layers of plastic wrap and then iron off the plastic. I actually tired to do that, but the presser foot kept sticking to the plastic and making a mess.


I then began again by essentially stitching in the air between the loops  of hand dyed ribbon. Yes, it’s time consuming and more than slightly obsessive. you have to work carefully because if you don’t, the toe of the presser foot gets stuck on the ribbon. After putting together a strip of about six inches by about 80 inches of the magenta, I added a new layer of the blue striped satin ribbon that I had purchased at Archer last week. The scarf is light weight and surprisingly sturdy. My sister tend to wear either black or burgundy so I think this will work with her wardrobe.


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