This photograph shows my father in law, Morris, with his parents, Bella and Louis. The photo was taken over ninety years ago in Brooklyn. This photo was taken before Irving, Morris's younger brother was born.

This photo was taken before Morris's best childhood friend who lived in a basement apartment with no furniture had died of mastoiditis. Before his dear friend from adolescence, Vito, the master draftsman who pushed Morris to push his own artistic gifts had died of a wasting disease.

This photo was taken before Morris had met and fallen in love and married Ida. It was taken before the two of them went to Biloxi, Mississippi to teach airmen the workings of B-24 bombers during WWII. Ida taught the electrical systems, and Morris the hydrolic systems.

This photo was taken before Bella died from the effects of the malnutrition she had suffered because she fed her boys and insisted that she wasn't hungry.

This picture was taken before Morris was working several jobs to put food o the table  and even before he was made an art supervisor in the New York City public schools.

This picture was taken before Ida's dementia and death, and before Morris met Judi who  fell in love with Morris and has been taking care of Morris as he approaches his death.


  1. Very poignant.
    you and your family are in my heart, thoughts and prayers.
    Sandy in the UK


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