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I’m trying to mentally work out the kinks on a piece. I flex my  sewing muscles by working on a garment.
On our way home from Israel, we had a long wait at Ben Grurion. There were two  Michal Negrin  boutiques there. You can see her work on her website.

I was fascinated at how a really simple dress or top looked really complicated just because of the print used on the garment. The Negrin garments are all made out of synthetic knits.
Michal N dress (1)
I had some sheer knit in various colors. I decided to layer a burnt orange knit under a dark brown. I like how the two layers of color interact. I lay a length of lace over the brown layer. I decided to go with a cheesy technique, I spray pained over the lace with gold metallic spray paint.  I let it dry ad sewed the two layers together.

So here it is. The dress, remarkably does not smell of spray paint.
Michal N dress (2)
Michal N dress (4)

I also realized that my rendition is not nearly as cutise as Michal Negrin’s


  1. well I think it is awesome! not so in your face as the other pieces. I will be teaching my students about applying pattern this year, and I am definitely going to send them to look at this. If all goes well, we are meant to have an interactive whiteboard, so I will bring it up for show one of the sessions!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Sandy- I have used lace as a stencil by spraying bleach's quite lovely on velvet. I'm glad you are going to use this image.

    I'm used to doing work that is so much more time consuming,. it feels like cheating to do something so quick and easy.

    Michal's stuff is pretty but

  3. sarah .... this is gorgeous ... your work is so inspiring; i love it ... as well, i love your posts ... sighted on the street, etc ... thank you for your great insights .... darlene

  4. Thanks Midnight!!!

    Most of what I do isn't all that hard to produce. the clothing is mostly simple techniques.


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