They’re back!



OK, before I write this, I need to state that I am a feet on the ground kind of a girl.  Some people are into spirits and crystals. I’m a cynic and a skeptic. be that as it may, my building has ghosts.


I am not a particularly tidy person. I don’t know if you can hear my husband laughing because of the understatement there.  I’m not at al tidyu. So if things go missing, I would assume that it’s because  I’m such a slob.


My former neighbor from across the hall, Andrea runs a house that looks like it could be photographed for a shelter magazine.  Several years after Andrea moved in, she mentioned that there seemed to be ghosts in her apartment who were moving things around. Items that had been left out on a table would be  found a week or two later inside of a trunk  inside of a closet.


There were other oddball incidents  that kept taking place both in Andrea’s apartment and in mine. Mostly it was a matter of things being moved around . One time, Andrea and I were talking in the doorway of her apartment, and behind her I saw a whoosh of a white figure  zip from the dining room to the play space. it was pretty odd.


Andrea actually consulted a psychic who told her that our ghost was  the ghost of a kid who had lived here when the neighborhood was still farmland. The psychic said that the ghost was an adolescent who liked to play jokes. The psychic said that if we got annoyed at him we could just yell at him and he would return whatever was missing.


Yes, I know it sounds odd.


So I’m used to finding projects going missing as I work on them, and then I ask the ghost to return the missing object, and it gets returned.

yesterday, I left the house with the keys in my backpack. I even saw the keys in my backpack during one of my stops. So when I came home from the fish store and saw the keys weren’t in my backpack .I knew that I had dropped them on my travels.


Today as I was clearing off the dining  room table to get ready for Shabbat, there were my keys underneath a pile of fabric.  I’m glad the ghost is watching out for me.


  1. Sarah - I love the "ghost story"! The house we built in 1981 had a ghost but it never did anything interesting! I need one of those here - maybe I wouldn't keep losing things. Martha Ann


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