Shabbat for the “Food is Fuel ‘ gang

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shabbat dinner

As tiy have probably figured out by now, I really love food. Cooking for me, is often a form of play. I like to combine flavors and textures. I like having flavors play off of one another both in a particular dish and over the course of a meal.

I know that not everyone approaches food the same way. My husband, certainly does not.  My late mother in law was not a good cook. My brother in law always says that he didn’t know food was supposed to taste good until he left home. Once, on a visit to my in laws they began to talk about the excellent crackers they had just bought at the supermarket. They went on and on about the amazing crackers they were going to serve me. I assumed that it might be something slightly out of the ordinary, something one normally might buy in a gourmet shop.

What they brought to the table was a box of store brand saltines.  Which brings me in a round about way to this week’s Shabbat dinner. My daughter is away for the weekend. It’s been a hard work week for my husband, so it’s just the three of us for dinner. I decided to make something uncomplicated and pleasant.

One of the first ways I learned how to make chicken was with honey and’s sweet, it’s salty and it creates a crispy crust. It’s pleasant for simple tastes.
That, and it looks really pretty. I taught this to my kids as a fail safe way to flavor chicken or fish when you aren’t feeling all that clever.

I also made quinoa with the chicken juice from last week.  the meal will be rounded out with roasted vegetables with rice vinegar and of course challah. I think I’m not making dessert this week.


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