I had to get some specific fabric for two tallitot I’m working on. I also needed some more grosgrain. I far prefer buying trim by the roll or the partial roll. I guess I have gotten used to buying trim from stores trying to get rid of their stock.

One of my favorite places to buy trim is…I just realized that I have no idea what the name of the store is. But this is how to get there. Go to  the door of Daytona Trim on 39th street. Look across the street and up one flight. There are giant yellow signs advertising that they sell trim. I think that the address is 244 West 39th street.
Daytona Trim, for those of you who haven’t shopped there is crowded and messy. It isn’t unpleasant to shop there, their staff is helpful and well informed, but the sore is far from beautiful.
The upstairs and across the street store makes Daytona look like it was designed by Martha Stewart. When I walked in, the charmingly cranky owner mentioned he was closing out the far corner of the room. He told me to just bring all the stuff I wanted to the counter and he would come up with a price. He asked if I could pay just cash.

I didn’t have all that much cash on me. So as I selected rolls of ribbon and elastic I thought that I could offer to pay the percentage that the credit card company would be charging him.

This is what I chose:
Top Row-
a full roll of rayon grosgrain, most of the large roll of red/white blue grosgrain, most of a roll of poly grosgrain in black,  about a 1/3 of a roll of black lace edged elastic 1/4 inch white braided elastic, most of a reel of velvet elastic ribbon and a wonderful blue/grey striped grosgrain
Bottom row – three partial reels of black gold embroidered ribbon.
I paid just over $50 for the lot of it and think that I did really well.  I paid partially cash and put the rest on my credit card. The owner told me that they are selling out part of their stock. They had tons of hook and eye tape, giant rolls of Velcro. They also had tons of upholstery and fancy trimming in a wide range of colors. You can buy it all for a song.

The owner has an easy and pleasant attitude about making a deal.

You can be sure that you will be seeing  these trims in my work in the future.


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