I was edging the atara for Hillary's tallit. Things were all going along swimmingly, and then the thread guide  for the upper looper of my serger just popped of and disappeared. I crawled around on the floor of my work space looking for the teeny thing and that looper is just plain gone.

I tried to use the serger without the thread guide. Well, it won't work without it.

My serger is a Kenmore. The nice customer service people talked me through navigating their parts site. I found the part. As one would expect from a piece that is essentially a twisty piece of wire, it wasn't expensive. shipping though, costs several times the cost of the part. They had me over a barrel. I just had to pay the crazy shipping costs.

Later in the day I went out to do some errends. While I was out, my keys fell out of my backpack. I retraced my steps and went back to each of the places  I had gone. The keys are gone. I had customer reward cards on my key ring from Massachusetts to California. The key ring itself  was brought back from my father's town of orgin in Poland.  It's a little hard to find a Konin key  ring here in New York. Phooey!!!


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