Pattern Give-Away -2

The two dresses on the left are size 8. The two patterns on the right are multi- sized  6-8-10.

The Evan Picone dress would be wearable minus the silly ruffles and with a good wide leather belt worn at the waist. The puffy sleeved dress  looks good again.

The skirts and pants pattern is a classic.  The Chetta B outfit??? OK, I can’t think of anything nice to say. It needs significant re-working to be worn today. But it would be wonderful if you were staging a play set in the 1980’s.

As before, this is a give-away for the early bird. Send me an email and it’s yours. ( US addresses get free shipping, overseas folks need to pony up for postage.

There will be at least two more pattern packages offered this week.

I also gave a giant bag of fabric scraps to my kids' old elementary school today. It feels great to purge the extras out of my life.


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