Give- away #1 has been taken and a Phooey update

By Ivalyn T. Jones who some of you know from the  CMN list. Ivalyn is often a source of terrific sewing wisdom, but I just love the sound of her name.  I keep thinking that her name sounds like she's Philip Marlow's colleague and rival. The package is now in the hands of the USPS and should be at Ivalyn's door in the next couple of days. Many thanks to my daughter who walked to the post office in the rain to ship it off. ( My daughter did feel that it was a fair trade for my ironing her clothes.)

The little wire thread guide  for my serger, arrived from Sears yesterday, packaged in a large box.

I carefully attempted to attach the thread guide when it popped off the serger and onto my sewing room floor. ( The fate of the original thread guide). Much cursing accompanied  my frantic search on the floor on my hands and knees. I found a wire thread guide, although I can't tell you if it was the new one or the old one. After two or three tries I got the *%^&*^# thread guide securely fitted onto my serger. My serger is now in working order. Hurray!!!

You can still sign up for the second pattern package give-away.


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