A Thank You to a dear friend

During this year, my son was going through a hard period while he was in Israel. We were far away. My son needed  a safe haven to nurse is hurt feelings and to be around  people who would be kind to him  without the experience coming with an emotional price tag.

My  college room mate was in Israel for the year with her family. My son chose my room mate’s home as his safe haven.  My room mate fed and fed and fed my son and made him feel that he was OK.

I just mailed off this challah cover to her.

The text comes from one of the Sabbath table songs and reads “ food and sustenance , to satisfy our souls”.  I had begun this challah cover several years ago . The text is painted on ultra-suede and then appliques onto heavy Italian blue silk shantung. I added the diamond stitching in gold. The border fabric is a silk, rayon, metallic Indian sari. Today I added the embellishments around the lettering.

My college room mate is an excellent calligrapher.She is one of the people who gave me the courage to do the work that I do today.


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