Not exactly matchy matchy

l'cha traditional (2)
Marriage must be in the air. Another request for a L’cha dodi challah cover and b’samim bag set.  I was told that the couple has traditional taste, so this is what this couple is getting.
The b’samim bag is just pretty. I used the same scallop stitch in a black/gold metallic thread. It’s a sweet connection between the two pieces. The b’samim bag is backed with the same purple pieced silk that is used in the challah cover. So the two are related, like cousins or siblings, not like identical twins.
Once again, I have completely confused the settings on my camera. The close up of the challah cover gives a better sense of the actual colors. There is lots of hand painting going on. I added some teeny sequins because the piece needed a bit more light. because traditional is not the same as boring.
l'cha traditional

l'cha traditional (1)


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