A travel wardrobe

We are going to Israel in a few weeks to visit our son. It’s going to be hot. I will need to travel light. I bought some light weight rayon knits to make up into dresses that would be easy to wear in the heat and easy to hand wash. The fact that www.fabrics.com was having a sale helped a whole lot too.

I used a dress I had made previously as the basis for these three dresses. I was able to make up the three of them in an afternoon.



rayon knit circles

rayon knit 1


I’m showing this dress with a belt. I plan to take several with me on the trip. The rayon feels like pajamas.
floral ITY


I fell in love with the giant graphic floral. It reminds me of Marimekko dresses. This dress is made of an ITY knit. it’s a synthetic but fairly comfortable in warm weather.


  1. beautiful! enjoy your trip!

  2. such lovely dressed ... model them and take some pics .... darlene

  3. Love the fabric

  4. Darlene-- I can't tell you how much I hate having my picture taken.So this is about close as you wil get as a photo of me in one of these dresses. You can see me in person if youlike!!

  5. These are absolutely beautiful! Quite inspiring, I may have to whip up some dresses of my own now (with matching panties of course)

  6. These dresses are just lovely. Hope you had a nice trip.


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