Tying the tzitzit

I pushed the bundle of strands through the eyelet.

putting it through the eyelet

Then I began tying the knots. Not surprisingly, there are many traditions of how to tie tzitzit.I use the traditional Ashkenazi wrap pattern but with the additional embellishment of adorning each wrap with a half hitch knot. I love how using this method makes the wearer of the tallit aware of each and every wrap. it also looks so pretty with the half hitch winding it’s way around the strand.first group tied

Here is the wrap set of seven wraps completed. another nice thing about this half hitch wrap method is that the wraps don’t get undone if you stop in the middle of wrapping.

one strand done

One corner is now complete.


You can see that my fingers are stained blue by the murex dye. it washes off easily.


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