Collaborating with Rosie

Rosie is Shaun’s daughter, that is Shaun of the red tallit. When I first met Rosie she reminded me of an old man in the schmatta business. Most of my clients don’t react to tallit  fabric choices all that strongly until I drape it over them. Rosie first fingered the fabric in an old timey knowledgeable way.She she rubbed each fabric and did her mental calculations I was reminded of my cousin Sol who was a knitting machine engineer. When he would see you he might pull back the neckline of your blouse to see how it was constructed, or touch your sweater to figure out the fabric.

Like Sol, Rosie collects information about fabric with her fingers. She is a kindred soul. She also draws really well. I encouraged her to do the fabric painting for her tallit. before she sent her work off to me for finish off she went through the same thing I do when I finish a piece. When I finish, all I can see is what does not work right. With Rosie’s permission I am dudRosie untouchedsanding up her work a little bit, adding details with a dry brush. I normally don’t alter the work of anoter artist, but Rosie and I are collaborating on this tallit. I have her permission
rosie untouched trees
You can see how good her work is, but details need to be added.


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