Shavuot starts tonight. There is a tradition to eat lots of dairy of Shavuot. My youngest informed me that he loves Shavuot food because it is so plain. He came home from school just as I had finished making the pancakes for the blintzes. He then asked me what flavor blintzes I planned to make. As far as I am concerned, there is only one flavor of blintzes worth making and that’s cheese blintzes. One of the nice thing about being the mom is that I am free to indulge my culinary quirks. I suppose if one of my kids begged for a blueberry blintz I might relent, if I were in a particularly good mood.


The blintz recipe comes from my mother’s almost relative Adele. Adele and my aunt became close friends in high school. Adele then married her High School Hebrew teacher,  a distant cousin of ours.  We always loved claiming  Adele as a relative.  She was so cool. She was serious about museum and gallery going. She was really smart and fearsomely opinionated, and usually right. Adele wasn’t pretty, her face looked like a beautiful gnarled tree root.

At Adele’s memorial service, my cousin handed out copies of Adele’s honey cake recipe. I loved the idea. I never ate Adele’s honey cake. But Adele made these blintzes for us when she visited us the Shavuot after her husband died.

Blintz Pancake or Bletl
3 eggs
1 C milk
1 c flour
1 pinch salt
1 pinch baking soda (or powder)
1 Tsp sugar
mix in blender
fry on one side only in an oiled blintz pan. Which if you don’t know, is a 6 inch cast iron frying pan. Stack blintzes on a napkin lined dinner plate. Cover blinztes with napkin corners until ready to fill100_1608

1 1/2 lbs soft cheese. Farmer cheese is lovely for it’s dry and squeeky nature. Cream cheese alone is just too fat. I suppose if Paula Deene were making blintzes she would use cream cheese. Tonight I’m using a combination of drained yogurt and drained cottage cheese. Do not use non fat cheese. You may as well fill your blintzes with erasers instead. Drained yogurt with fat content is tart and has a nice body. We are going for an Eastern European flavor

1 egg – to hold everything together
sweet: a bit of want a hint rather than something that will get served for dessert. Vanilla or cinnamon or orange peel or lemon peel all are nice. Think hint of flavor


salty: some salt and lots of freshly ground pepper

put a heaping teaspoon of filling in the center of the pancake. fold in the east west sides of the blintz and then roll up. Fry in a pan with very little butter. Fry seam down first.brown, then flip and brown the other side. You can fry several blintzes at one time

Tomorrow I plan to make home made lokshen mit kaese – noodles with home made cheese. More plain food to make my youngest happy. Happy Shavuot!!!


  1. I so enjoy cheese blintzes so thanks for the recipe and directions. I will definitely make my own soon.

  2. Let me know how they turn out!!!


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