A belated posting of a birthday gift

My wonderful sister in law, Beth, sent me a terrific birthday gift. It's taken a while for me to upload the photo though.

She sent me a mystery bundle from www.fabricmartfabrics.com. The fabrics are going from left to right, a heavy stretch satin in dark blue, a poly suiting with a pin stripe on one side and pin dot on the other, a rayon cotton jersey print and a silk lining fabric in beige.

The satin, I think, looks like it wants to be a dress to wear to a black tie event in my future.  The pin stripe is looking like a less fancy dress. The print will be a dress to wear in warm weather. There is nothing more comfortable to wear than a rayon knit.

As for the beige, at first glance, I thought this is my least favorite color. But it will be perfect to line a laser cut  black  cotton fabric I had purchased last summer.

The mystery bundle is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. there is that joy at opening the box and discovering what goodies are inside. Then there is the pleasure of figuring out how to use each fabric. Then there is that quiet joy of looking at the potential of each fabric as it sits on the shelf in  my work space. I also use planned dress projects as incentive to get through work that is becoming difficult. ( Get the tallit done and then you can make the dress.) Finally, once the garment is finished, each time I wear it, all of the memories of Beth's visit and our relationship surround me as I wear the dress.

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