Pinot for Shaun’s tallit

Shaun’s tallit is nearly done. Shaun is one of those women who has an intense relationship with fabric. One of the fabrics she showed me  while we were working out what her tallit was to  look like was a batiked silk scarf with loosely painted pomegranates



I drew the outlines of the pomegranates with tailors chalk on the magenta silk noil. I like to have each of the pinot/corners of the tallit be slightly different.100_1521100_1523

It gives the wearer of the tallit something pretty to focus on  if they loose focus on prayer.100_1522 Shaun is someone who gets a bit of whimsy. So I played with each pomegranate, playing with different techniques. Among the techniques I used were embroidering with my sewing machine, hand embroidery, beading and couching ribbon.  I couched the metallic borders with a zig- zag stich on my machine. I like how the metallic borders look like they were doodled by hand.


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