An outside dress

I know that lots of people take sewing clothing as a serious endeavor. I don’t. For me, making a garment is a little like doing a doodle, but in fabric.
During Passover, I took this book out of the library .
I took it out, mostly, so my library would see that there is a demand for sewing books and hopefully order more sewing books for the collection. It’s not a bad book.In addition to lots of instructions for sewing with a pattern, there were also some nice garment diagrams. One of the diagrams that looked worth trying out was one for a raglan sleeved peasant dress. 51RCBUnfLjL__SL500_AA300_I had just ordered a mystery bundle from One of the goodies in the bundle was this rayon abstract print. I thought that the drapey rayon abstract print would be perfect for attempting the dress.

Using my serger, the dress came together really quickly. I decided to use a fairly wide ( 1/2 inch) elastic at the neck. I had seem some of the Japanese sewing magazines using a wider than one would expect elastic and I liked the look. I also had a package of 1/2 inch wide elastic handy.

Like many peasant dresses, the dress was pretty shapeless.  I have found that the more shapeless the dress, the more shapeless I look in it. So I made four fish-eye darts in the front, and four in the back. I then put the dress away.
When I finish a dress I’m often not sure if it is just a hanging around the house dress or one to wear out and about. I had a couple of appointments out of the house yesterday. I still wasn’t sure about the dress, so I  belted it and threw a grey raincoat over it. I figured that if it was a bad dress, I would soon figure it out.

One of my errands was at Metro Textile.  Metro is run by Kashi, an opinionated  Iranian who came to the states right after the Shah was ousted from power. As soon as I walked in, Kashi began complimenting me on the dress. I guess the dress is a wear out of the house sort of a dress.

I realize that this dress is also influenced by the exhibit I saw with my friend Carol, at FIT. The exhibit was about Japanese fashion. Those all black, austere shapeless garments from the early 1980's just looked so good. This dress reminds me of the knock offs of those dresses that I remember from those years.

The book, not one I need to own at the moment, but a useful book.


  1. okay. I can see why the compliments! and especially peeking out from under a grey raincoat.
    I am sure this would be just the thing to wear on a grey day in New York! I am also sure Kashi was probably relieved to see someone appreciated a bit of colour.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. This is a fantastic dress and you looked terrific in it Monday night!

    Judith Atkinson


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