Seder Wrap Up

A quick Passover wrap up for those of you waiting desperately to find out what I cooked this year. The cooking is why I haven’t been posting that often over the past week or so.

I made a vat of chicken soup and then did the massive job of squeezing out all of the vegetables and then straining out all of the fat. It’s a big and physical job. My mother reminded me that she and my father once left me home to squeeze out a soup while they went to a wedding. I was in college, in my late teens. They called me from the wedding to see how I was doing, and I was in tears, squeezing out all of that soup was just too much for me. I guess by now I have built up enough upper body strength so I didn’t cry.

So other things I cooked/baked for the Seders includes, matza-balls, meringues, chicken baked with leeks, Quinoa, roasted fingerling potatoes, roasted asparagus, flourless chocolate nut cake salmon gefilte fish and charoset, both chopped by hand.

I also made food for the lunches I was serving. I made a spinach kugel (which is still in the freezer) and a very old fashioned stewed salt Pollock with potatoes and buttermilk. My father used to cook fish stews in milk. It's very Eastern European.It felt like a dish that any of my great grandparents would have been comfortable eating.  I also made a mayonnaise that I used to turn some of the soup chicken into a passable chicken salad. I followed the basic recipe from Joy of Cooking. It worked, and tasted a whole lot better than the Passover mayo in a jar.

All in all, the seders were lovely--but exhausting. I stayed in pajamas until suppertime yesterday. As of today, I think I have gone through ten dozen eggs this Passover. I need to go buy more tomorrow. I think we will have a quiet Shabbat this week.


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