A Mystery Gift

Yesterday, a box arrived at my door amid all of the insanity of Passover prep. My usual way with packages is to rip them open as soon as they arrive. I finally opened the box several hours later and found the most amazing gift inside. Someone sent us this fabulous and ugly royal wedding mug.

Prince William, Kate and Diana

As you can see, Kate and William are in good company on my breakfront. I love that William is next to his mother in thimble form. We seem to have amassed a fairly large collection of royal memorabilia over the years. No, we don’t especially care about the monarchy. Our collection got its start because of a foolish mistake my father made when he was 18 that caused long tailed consequences.

Most, but not all of our royal collection

We had stopped actually purchasing royal stuff several years ago. Since then, our collection has been enriched with some of the sillier members of our collection, like the Diana thimble or the Queen Mum plate, the Queen Mum centennial bonbon dish and the Henry VIII teapot.

So if you sent you this fabulous gift, please let us know.


  1. This post could be dangerous....now the world knows who to send their royal bric a brac to, I'm guessing your collection will continue to grow as your friends "re home" their pieces. I have to admit, you have a quite a collection and should be the home of choice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I got in touch with the company that sent us the mug and found out that the mug was a gift from my wonderful sister in law. It was an anniversary gift. This gift has been a welcome note of levity during the insanity of Passover prep.


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