Getting ready for Passover

Yes, I have been cleaning the kitchen. I have also been running around trying to locate  and buy all of the food that I need in my pantry for Passover.

However, my living room curtains had suffered enough in the sun. I realized that if I washed them again they would fall apart. Company is coming, time to freshen up the house. My living room faces West. It gets tons of sun. I could either spend a fortune on lined drapes that will rot in the sun after a couple of years or go quick and dirty. Not surprisingly, I have gone the quick and dirty route.

For about the last fifteen years I have used saris as curtains.  Saris made out of polyester are perfect for curtains because they resist sun rot pretty well. I usually get a mix of red and yellow saris, they match the walls and the furniture. I get the saris in Jackson Heights, in Queens. Some years red and yellow are the colors in the sari stores, other years they are not. I had bought this red sari a couple of years ago in anticipation of my old curtains turning to dust. I usually use the Palu, or decorative front panel as the curtain header. This sari didn’t have a Palu.

I had also attempted to replace my kitchen shade. The results just look depressed. No, I won’t share a photo of my sad looking kitchen shade.  I have been using a 1940’s table cloth that was my aunt’s as the shade. As soon as it is out of the dryer I will iron it and put it back up. I will show you the clean shade and we can all pretend that I never make a mistake.

I did make a new batch of wool pot holders. I serge 6 layers of wool together in pot holder-y shapes. My old ones are all scorched.

You may wonder what I wear  as I scrub my kitchen. As per my sister’s instructions, I’m wearing the beautiful pearls that she just gave me as an early birthday present. With the big black pearls, and a black cowl top and black circle skirt ( thank you Fabric Mart Mystery bundles) I look like a Goth Barbara Billingsly.
tilted head pearls


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