Further adventures of the wedding sash

Friday , S asked me to meet her at her dressmaker’s with the wedding sash. I was invisioning a visit to the dry cleaner near her house. S gave me an address on 71st Street100_1373

I went. I was humbled by what I saw. This was a workshop of highly skilled, mostly Russian women who really get garment construction. They had taken S’s off the rack dress and had done a small alteration for modesty that didn’t look like a pathetic attempt to be covered up but just made the whole dress better.


I was a little nervous by what they might say about the sash. As I sat there with the sash in my back pack each flaw loomed big in my head. Instead, Iris pinned the sash on the dress looked at it hard with her critical eye and declared it a good [piece of work. That’s high praise from a woman who knows her stuff.


I don’t get my clothing altered. Ready to wear ( when I used to wear it) always fit well enough.  Women like S who are shorter than the average always need a good alterationist.  People often ask me to alter clothes. I don’t know enough to do a good job. I haven’t before been able to say, “I can’t do it, but I know someone brilliant.” Well, now I do. They also sell clothes that they make themselves

So here is my very high recommendation

Silouettes & Profiles

160 west 71st street #2JK

NY, NY 10023




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