Shaun, my client for this tallit loves color. I have posted the progress of the color red in the base of this tallit. Shaun was happy with the photos I had emailed to her.  Shaun particularly  loves when similar colors bump up one against the other. Back in the days when I used to make quilts, I used to pull fabric bolts off the shelf in the fabric store, stack them on the cutting table, and play with color combinations until the colors vibrated in my eyes. The quilts I made in those days were pretty wild.

Yesterday, I bought the embroidery threads that I will use to cover all of the seams on this tallit. I purchased the ribbons on line. I love the red paisley, and and not quite sure about the multicolored watercolor print. pictured as well, is the red shantung stripe with lettering. There will be other stripes in purple. I see a whole lot of color vibration going on…how about you???


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