Food Friday–Welcome Home Edition

Mount Taboule

Our oldest comes home for spring break today. Like any good mom, I’m making some of her favorites. Tonight’s meal is complicated by the fact that one of our guests detests onions.

My daughter loves taboule.  Despite it’s being fairly easy to make, I generally buy it ready made.  This time though, I bought two large bunches of parsley and one of mint and ran them through the food processor. I let the taboule soak up boiling water while I taught this morning. After the lesson I combines the fragrant herbs, the soaked bulgher wheat olive oil lemon juice and salt. this will be part of our first course, along with hummus, marinated artichokes and carrot sticks.

noodles with poppy
home made noodles with lots of poppyseeds and black pepper

Now that I have the perfect noodle rolling pin, noodle making is much, much easier. We are eating a meat meal so these noodles are being served with chicken broth, poppy seeds and lots of black pepper. I was able to taste test the noodles with my youngest who is not big on new foods.  There is enough in the flavors that taps into foods he knows and loves that I think it wasn’t too big a stretch for him taste wise. I’m glad he likes food with a brisk black peppery taste. It gives me something to work with. That black peppery poppy seed  combination is so Middle European. I imagine that all of my great grandparents would be comfortable eating this dish.  On the other hand, I’m serving the noodles with schwarma spiced meat balls – perhaps more of a stretch for my Polish and Moldovan ancestors. Our guests are bringing salad and dessert.

Noodles, drying and awaiting cooking

I committed to making a dessert to bring to synagogue tomorrow. I made meringues.  I decided to be a thrifty cook and add extra yolks to the noodle dough. I realized that noodles with meringues for dessert are a natural pairing.. so a big cooking and baking day.

I did do a bit of mending this morning, and also turned a sweater my parent bought me before I got married, into a cardigan so this was not a day without any sewing.


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