The Joy of Blogging

One of the cool tools that comes along with running a blog with Blogger is a nifty tool called, "Stats".  In addition to the counter at the top of the page, I can see how many people each day or week are looking at which post. It is always interesting for me to see what people are reading. Sometimes, if I have posted about a related issue on on of the sewing discussion groups that I participate in, I understand about the surge of interest in an older posting. Often, it is just a complete surprise to see what people are reading on a particular day.

I can also see which counties are generating readers. Not surprisingly, most of my readers are from the U.S. Some of my sewing buddies live in other countries, so when i see that I have readers in England, or New Zealand or Australia, or Canada , I have a pretty good idea of who that reader might be. It feels a little like one of those old fashioned visiting cards left on a silver tray by my front door.

There are other times when I am both delighted and surprised to see that I have a reader in say, Saudi Arabia, or Slovenia or China, or Poland.

I do know that web page developers in India are reading my blog  in their attempt to drive traffic to the web sites they are working on. I have gotten a fair amount of fake comments from those sources.

If you are an actual reader from, far away, say hello. If you are too shy to post on the blog, send me an email to just say " hello!"




  1. I'll say 'Hi!' I've subscribed on Google reader, so I may not show up on your stats ;-)

    Alabama isn't India, but it is another world...

  2. Alabama!! cool!!! I have never been there, but one never knows...

  3. Juliet here in Oxfordshire, UK

  4. A few more folks have checked in by email. It's been nice to be able to have a person in mind when I see that I have a reader from England or Serbia.I keep wondering though, who in Saudi Arabia might be reading this.


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