An invitation...

that I designed. The bar-mitzvah is the Shabbat in which we read about the red heifer. The bar- mitzvah boy's parents wanted the cow to have a primitive look. I gave  the cow the bemused look. After all, who wants to be pulverized????

I was not at all involved with the printing and love the choice they made to work with both red and black ink. The invitation came in a red envelope.

I smudged out the bar mitzvah boy's last name in English. The family regreted that I didn't sign my work, but I usually don't. If you get this invitation, now you know that  I designed it.

This is my second invitation for this family. I love working with them. They are creative and exacting, and push me to do my best work.


  1. Sarah, your work continues to grow and to amaze me. I am curious, is this the family that commissioned your invitation that features your insightful design of Yaacov dreaming? I've been honored to view several of your pieces but do these two have a similar je ne sais quoi? I like the choice of red and black ink. I hope you'll consider signing your work somewhere on the pieces, maybe the back. They are so wonderful and really are collectibles.

  2. I got this invitation, and heard from the mother that you did it. We screamed with joy when we opened the envelope -- what wonderful work. I also laughed when the mom said that the bar-mitzvah-to-be would have much preferred a picture of Nadav and Abihu getting zapped. Give us the heifer any time!

  3. MK...yup for ther same terrific family as the Jacob's ladder invitation.and thanks for your drawing lesson that got me through that one.

    zapped nadav & avihu!!!I love the idea!!!


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