Food Friday–Pot Luck Edition

Our friend, scholar, Art Green, is scholar in residence at our synagogue this weekend. Tomorrow he is speaking after a pot-luck lunch. I am bringing this wild rice dish. I was thinking about “Diet for a Small Planet” as I was planning it.
The dish began with onions sautéed in olive oil until they were browned. I then added the white and wild rice to the pot and toasted them while the water was put put to boil.  I added the water after it had boiled.

While the rice was cooking I shredded up a bunch of collard greens and added those to the pot. I also toasted some walnuts and some sunflower seeds and set them aside. When the rice was nearly done, I threw a few hands full of dried cranberries to the pot.

I called y mother and my sister ad by then the rice was done, but too soupy.  I poured off the excess liquid into a sauté pa, added some rum ( I didn’t have an open bottle of wine hanging around, and the rest of the open bottles were too fancy to use in cooking. I didn’t want our single malt scotch loving friends to go into cardiac arrest if they knew I had thrown a glug into the rice water)  and a knob of butte,r and some spices and reduced the mixture to something thick and flavorful. After pouring the reduced rice water back into the rice I added the nuts and seeds and some frozen peas.

Let me know tomorrow if you liked it.


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