Food Friday–Crispy Kale

Some foods needs lots of fussing to be tasty. This is not the case for one of the most delicious vegetables in the world, crispy kale. Until today, I have made crispy kale by washing and then carefully drying kale and then massaging it with olive oil and adding a sprinkle of salt and then baking it on a high heat.

Yesterday, on WNYC I heard an even easier method of making crispy kale. You just cook it , in a dry pan, in the oven. Yes, it takes a while, you need to open the oven every once in a while to pull out the crispy leaves, put them in a bowl  and re arrange what is left in the pan and continue cooking until it is all crispy.
The only problem is that it is hard not to grab leaves out of the bowl and eat them  as I walk into the kitchen.I will see if any are left for dinner.
I used a mix of three varieties of kale. The bowl, a gift from my sister.


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