Another treasure from Vivian

100_1135This table cloth was part of Vivian’s mother’s trousseau. I  believe that it may have been hand woven or woven on a barely industrial loom. You can see that Vivian’s grandmother’s monogram was embroidered on  the cloth. I saw the same monogram embroidered on her embroidered batiste night gowns as well.

The cloth is wonderful but it was heavily stained when I got it. I soaked it in Borax and that helped quite a bit. Despite the Borax, there were still several large brown stains on the white parts of the cloth. Today, I took the radical step of sponging the stains with a diluted bleach solution and then washing away the bleach. Then I washed the entire cloth in the machine with no detergent. It seem to have worked. This cloth will look wonderful with both my grey meat dishes as well as with my white dairy dishes. I might need to make red napkins.

I feel like a domestic goddess.


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