A Saturday Night in New York

Well, last Saturday night I wore my gold lame’ dress. This was a more at home sort of an evening. My youngest, as I have said before, is a skinny guy.   He had out grown many of his boxers. Some of them I had made for him when he was eight. Given that he is nearly 15, it seems reasonable that he needs to have his supply replenished.

I used an older pair as a pattern. For the sake of speed, I made these with no side seams, laying the pattern out on the fold of the fabric. I then re cut the front to allow more room for my son’s “parts”.

Most of the fabric arrived in Fabric Mart mystery bundles. The orangey floral is a rayon knit and feels soft to the touch. The blue stripe is a cotton poly knit with a little more poly than I would prefer. I finished one more pair out of that fabric after I took the photos.

Last night, I couldn’t remember where I had purchased the yellow flannel print. I did remember that it was made out of Nick and Nora pajama fabric. Nick and Nora produces amusing printed pajamas out of charming novelty prints . They have a premium line but they  also produce lower quality pajamas for Target. I have made lots of boxers out of their fabrics. When my husband was doing work for the world’s largest pork producer, I had made all of the guys pig themed boxers, most of which were Nick and Nora fabrics. My favorite print had pigs cooking breakfast, none of them fortunately were cooking bacon, but they were really weird.

I realized this morning that the yellow vegetable print was purchased at Paron where I had bought the other Nick and Nora fabrics.

I probably need to make one more batch of boxers in the next few weeks.



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