Rachel's tallit- complete!!!

Hurray!!! I finished Rachel’s tallit. All that is left to do is tie with tzitzit/ritual fringes with her. I like the tallit as a whole and all of the smaller elements that make up that make up the entire tallit.

Some of the things that make me happy about the tallit are the ribbon I embroidered to border the stripes. Aside from the fact that it looks terrific ( which it does) I’m really thrilled to have a sewing machine that sews metallic thread without complaining or breaking the threads. I was able to embroider yards and yards of ribbon without any thread breakage.

I’m also really happy with the fuse-able tricot that is reinforcing the silk. It’s nearly weightless , but adds just enough body to make the silk feel really luxurious. The interfacing will also give the shantung enough support to help it last several years longer.

I’m really happy that Rachel’s mom and I were able to convince Rachel that brown would just not be as successful as a base color for the tallit. It would have been a far weaker piece with the brown rather than the black.


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