The last little bit

I had thought that I was finished with the parochet/ark curtain. But when i put it on a rod the whole thing flopped in a really horrible way. I removed the hanging sleeve and then stitched the front to the back along the top third of the piece. I used silver metallic thread in the sky and quilted the two layers together. The back is no longer pristine, but that is better than having the parochet droop like dirty laundry. I resewed on the hanging sleeve  by hand and also took some teeny stitched into the face of the piece, i hope not very obtrusively to further keep the top from flopping.

I'm also in the home stretch for Zoe's tallit. The atara/neckband looks wonderful. I am going to have to re-do the corners for the third time. I am not happy. But I do think that I figured out a solution for the corners.


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