Food Friday cranky edition



For dinner this week we are eating a beef soup and meat balls made with a vegetable slurry. My youngest will eat nearly anything if it is served slathered with barbecue sauce. I pureed an onion, a monster sized carrot, a giant parsnip and a potato and cooked them in the microwave. Then I mixed the vegetables with two pounds of meat, a ton of dried parsley and lots of spices.  About half of the volume of the mixture is vegetable matter.When I heat them up I will top them with barbecue sauce.


I’m cranky because our neighbors, in the building next door have been BLASTING their TV since early this morning. It took me two hours, but I got them to turn it off.

I’s amazing how much space in your head really loud TV takes up.


  1. Really glad they stopped BLASTING...often people just don't realize how far their noises for my living quarters, it's CIGARETTE SMOKE from the neighbors. They're really nice people, but my living room really gets visibly smoky. What to do? Leave a note? Oy.
    Bar-B-Q sauce 'R Us!


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