A completed tallit, and Food Friday–Costco edition

100_1112Last night, Zoe came by with her father to pick up her tallit. before my client shows up, I always worry about the finished piece.  I know that I like it, but will my client? did I do a good job understanding what they really wanted? Zoe walked in and began saying “Oh my God!” over and over again.  It was clear. she was really , really pleased as was her father. we tied the tzitzit/ritual fringes using the more lovely half hitch knot rather than the more ordinary simple wrap. I prefer the half hitch method because when you wear the tallit, that spiral of knots adds another dimension to your experience of tzitzit. After we tied the tzitzit, Zoe them put on her tallit with the blessings and of course, sh’hechiyanu.

I had gone to Costco earlier in the week. My daughter was going to Israel and the one thing my son wanted was a bag of dried blueberries.  Tonight’s dinner is entirely Costo made. The chicken is stuffed with chestnuts ( a bag of shelled with an Israeli label but grown in China) the fresh cherries my daughter didn’t get to before se left, onions and dried cherries. I based the chickens with a mixture of mustard, olive oil and maple syrup. It all feels appropriately winter flavored . I’m sure that my friend Alan will have a better idea of the culinary influences that I’m drawing from here. there is probably a name for this combination which is not Chicken Costco.

I’m serving a salad of dark greens with grapefruit sections ( Yes, the grapefruit is also from Costco). I still haven’t decided on the starch.

I’m making a blackberry sorbet to finish off the meal.


  1. wow the tallit is beautiful. Do you sell them online as well?


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