A sweater for Raya’s baby

Raya is one of those girls who is so heartbreakingly beautiful as an adolescent and has no clue. Once I saw her walking up Broadway with three male classmates who were all clearly madly in love with her. Raya was completely unaware of their ardor. Raya’s parents were part of our extended social circle. They were such good parents and did such a great job raising their kids that Avi and Beth’s kids made the rest of us look like we were raising  juvenile delinquents. 

Beth died about 8 years ago, about a month after Raya’s little sister’s bat mitzvah. Beautiful Raya got married last year. About a month ago, her first baby was born. At the brit- milah/circumcision, Avi asked that the women there, all pass that baby from hand to hand from the back of the synagogue to the mohel. Of course we all wept, thinking about how much beth would have loved to be there,and feeling her presence  and absence so strongly.

I made baby Nachman this sweater, in colors that Beth loved.

The sweater is made on big needles with multiple strands of yarn.I didn't use a pattern
It was fairly quick to work up and I like the ‘70’s craftsy feel. For me, it evokes Beth.


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