Smart Sewing

One of the blogs that I read regularly, is I'm not into cats and there are regular postings of cute cat pictures.  But she has regular postings of illustrations and directions from vintage sewing and hand craft magazines from early in the 20th century.

Several postings came from this publication, put out in 1949. In this 80 page magazine format publication are excellent directions and diagrams for about twenty differnt garments for women as well as several outfits for kids  and some good home dec projects. If you go on the little grey bungalow site, and click on the sewing postings,you can access all of the wonderful photographs from the book.

The clothing projects were designed by Francis Blondin, author of  The New Encyclodedia of Modern Sewing.The Wise Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing by France Blandin by France Blandin I'm a big fan of Ms. Blondin. She is a smart cookie with a breezy writing style and an excellent explainer of the difficult. I had thought that the marvellous sewing encyclopedia was Blondin's only published work. Now I am on a quest for more of her work. She teaches garment making exactly the way I want to learn how to do it, with  simple shapes, drafted from body measurements made into lovely, interesting garments.

My sister bought me this publication as a birthday gift and I have been enjoying it tremendously.  There is an adorable darted apron that I think I may start with.

And as a as footnote to my Frantic Friday posting. The chicken I had purchased in a rush had gone bad. We ate a couple of bites each and had to toss two chickens and the chard cooked in chicken juice into the garbage. I got a mild case of food poisoning. The supermarket said they would refund me for the cost of the chickens.


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