Frantic friday

We are now at the weeks of the year, here in the Northern hemisphere, with the shortest Fridays.  It's nice because you have a long Saturday evening to go out,but you have to get all of your stuff done early on Friday.

Usually, I'm pretty organized and I have all the food that needs to be cooked in the house on Thursday. Not this week,through a series of miscalculations, our cupboards were pretty bare this morning and I had more work to do on the cow invitation.

My scans were at too low a resolution. I stupidly dumped all of my work, so I had to re draw and re scan all of the elements of the invitation. My computer was unable to edit the images at such a high resolution so I drew, scanned and emailed each element.  Yes it was pesky, and no I still had no food.

I ran out mid morning, bought two chickens and threw them in the oven with a spice rub. Once the chicken was done, I  added potatoes and Swiss chard to the chicken juice and cooked that until it was done. meals with long cooking and no fussing are perfect for winter Fridays. I  was able to recreate the invitation and fuss with the computer  while dinner cooked.

My frriend Sherry inherited a large stash from an old woman who sewed. she was gracious enough to share. The purple wool cowl necked top was made out of some of that stash. the skirt was made out of fabric that had been ripening on the shelf for about a year. The fabric is made out of hand dyed wool roving that had been impregnated into a cotton voile.  I had seen it selling for $80/yard and had fallen in love.  Fabric Mart had gotten some and was trying to sell it for  $40/yard. I guess it wasn't selling, so they began selling it for $25 for two yards. I bought it both in the lavendar and in the orange.  The colors actually work quite well in real life. The top isn't nearly as blue.Yes, I made an identical skirt in orange. I also realize that the best way to get rid of excess fabric stash is to sew it up.

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