5th night

Two batches of vegetable filled latkes were fried and eaten. I think I have had my fill until next year. Our display of Chanukiyot looks a bit de-populated with out my daughter's and older son's.  They are both lighting theirs far away.

My daughter called last night, delighted with her sweater, and promises to send me photos of her wearing it.
My friend Marky did a beautiful job with the Chanukah bags and with her permission, I will post the photos soon.

Yesterday, I did my usual post - Shabbat Services visit to the library. I have been noticing a much larger selection of crafts books. One of my sewing list friends said that libraries keep track of books checked out frequently, and use those lists when they do their purchasing. I took out two sewing books, not so much because I was interested in them, but because I wanted to be sure that more books get purchased by the system.

I ended up being delighted by The Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Technique by Nancy Bednar and JoAnn Pugh-Gannon. It is put out by Sterling Publications, and is, I think, an American re-print of a British book. The British tend to do a really good job with how-to books, and this is no exception.

The directions are clear and straightforward. The photographs are both beautiful and useful. There were even techniques new to me.

The only down side to this otherwise excellent book is that some of the examples look a bit dated ( read ugly). I see looking at the publication information that this book was first published in 1999.  The techniques are solid and can easily be done to a more modern sensibility.

I vote this a book worh having in your sewing library.

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  1. I have Nancy Bednar's Creative Serging book and have found it quite useful.


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