Post Holiday Ironing

My sister hates to iron with a passion that most people save for the political. I do lots of ironing. My cousin claimed that their cleaning lady loved to iron. Perhaps she did. I don't especially love to iron. I iron table cloths less for how lovely well pressed cloth looks on a table, but more for issues of space. Un-ironed cloths take up a whole lot less space. I have limited storage for linens, so I press.

The 7 ironed cloths pictured from top to bottom are:

 Hand loomed cotton circa 1974 -from my mother
Printed Hawaiian themed cotton circa 1950- from my mother in law's stash- My friend Ann has the same cloth from her grandmother
Ikea canvas upholstery cotton- purchased a couple of winters ago with my sister
Navy blue waffle weave cotton - purchased at Paron and turned into a cloth about a month ago. This is my current go-to cloth
Linen Vera apple printed cloth Circa 1968 - from my mother
Indian twin sized bed spread- purchased a few years back so I could re-create the mid 1970's, grad student at home, look so beloved by my husband and his cronies

Printed Indian cloth- a gift from a client last year


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