A Little Time Out for Home Improvement

Sun and natural fibers are not friends. Usually that isn't a problem with clothing. But when you are dealing with curtains that hang in a sunny window, you basically have three choices. You can put up synthetics, or you can put up many layered draperies that take a long time to develop sun rot, or you can replace your curtains fairly often.

My bedroom is one of the two rooms in my apartment that actually gets sunlight. I have gone the, replace often, route with the bedroom curtains. The last pair were blue chambray ones from Target. They lasted surprisingly well.

As the house will be filled with company for Thanksgiving, some of the many flaws the the apartment are becoming unbearable. We have been doing some clutter purging and organizing. I also noticed that the bedroom curtains have fallen prey to sun-rot. It was time to replace them

I stopped by Target yesterday, and hated all of the curtains they were selling. Friday, a box had arrived from http://www.fabric.com/. I had purchased two fabric to be table cloths. One was adorable. The other looked great on my computer screen, but was kind of horrifying close up. I was thinking of giving it away. But then, thinking it over a bit, I realized that it would be fine as a curtain for the bedroom. You don't have to have your face as close up to a curtain as you do to a table cloth. It's isn't exactly my first choice, but it will do until it rots away.

Had I planned to make curtains with the fabric, I would have purchased twice as much so there would be a little gathering action.The gathering would have minimized the effect of the print some. So, it's more in your face than I prefer in a bedroom. I am please by how well the pattern matches up.
New curtains with afternoon sun streaming through. I bound the edges with black twill tape


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