Full of Gratitude..and the recipe for Savory Bread Pudding

  I am full of gratitude to my two dear friends in Israel, one who I met when I was three, the other who I met as a college freshman when I was seventeen. Both have taken on being nice to my older son. Both are doing this with open hearts.  I am touched beyond words.

My friend Alan, alandivack.blogspot.com/ who loves to cook, asked me for my recipe for the savory bread pudding. So here it is.

Savory Bread Pudding
Most of a loaf of slightly stale challa
Cube Challa and leave it out on your counter for about an hour so it gets even more stale
Pre heat oven to 350
Put  9 x13 pan in the oven, add two Tbs of butter to pan to melt while oven preheats
Process two onions in a food processor
Add to pan in oven

If you are making this for my husband and youngest son, leave out the onions
Let onions brown in the pan. Sliced mushrooms would be nice here too, but again, leave them out if you are cooking for my youngest.
In a bowl, beat three eggs. Add three cups milk and continue to mix.Add salt and pepper, be generous with the pepper.If you are not cooking for my  youngest son, add a few scrapings of nutmeg.

Take pan with browned onions out of the oven, add cubed challa, mixing to distribute the browned vegetables. Add milk+ egg mixture. If the challa isn't covered, add more milk. Top with a couple of hands full of shredded cheese. Bake until knife inserted in center comes out clean.


  1. Thanks! This looks as easy as you said, and we will do it with both mushrooms and onions. When there are only two of us for Shabbat dinner, we have lots of leftover Challah, and I will be sure to make this. BTW, Sam and Harry saw each other -- Harry said Sam was locked out of his apartment so he came by Bat Yam for a while.

  2. Sam had mentioned that the two of them hung out. I hadn't realized that it was due to lock out. OY! Glad Harry was there.

    As to the bread pudding, I'm sure you know to feel free to add any vegetable that is starting to look tired in the fridge and adjust seasonings accordingly.


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