Food Friday - Cleaning out the Fridge Edition

This week I was going through a copy of The New York Times Menu Cookbook by Craig Claiborne from 1966. I was deciding if I ought to keep it, or put it out on the give-away table in my lobby. Aside from the fussy- inefficiency of the recipes. Claiborne inevitably chooses a method that is time consuming and and difficult over easy and efficient methods.

The other thing that struck me was the recipe names. I realize that isn't how I cook at all.

Today I was cooking chicken for Shabbat. I checked out what I had in the fridge. I noticed that I had a pomegranate that was looking a bit exhausted. There were some apples in the fruit drawer that were less than delicious and an orange. I decided to throw all of them on the chicken. I opened the pomegranate into a bowl, peeled pithed and cut up the orange, cut up the apples and added them to the bowl. Then I added mustard, olive oil, Jamaican curry and a bit of honey and tossed that over the chicken. I suppose I could make up a name for the chicken, Multi-Culti Tutti Frutti chicken. Actually probably the best name for the chicken is -chicken with a whole bunch of about to go bad fruit.

I think I will get rid of the cook book.


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