A New Kitchen Table Cloth

About ten years ago, I made a couple of table cloths out of denim from Paron's half price store. This was long enough ago, that the half price store was an actual stand alone store, and not just an alcove in the regular price store.

Those cloths got lots of use. They went from looking spanking brand new, to looking nicely mellowed, to looking so bedraggled that my boys suggested that they needed to be demoted to the rag bag. If adolescent boys notice that a table cloth looks tired then it is clearly way past it's prime.

A few weeks ago I found the perfect replacement fabric, delightfully, I found it at Paron's half price store. It was a deep blue, waffle weave cotton. The bolt was nearly done so the cutter threw in what was left on the bolt. I had forgotten about the extra fabric and simply serged the ends. The cloth fit my dining room table perfectly. Not only that, my youngest, not Mr. Domestic by any stretch of the imagination loved the feel of the cushy waffle weave. The deep blue looked great with some of the smaller embroidered or vintage printed cloths draped over.

While I had a spiffy new cloth for my dining room. I still hadn't solved my lack of kitchen cloths. Today I checked out the sales at http://www.fabric.guru.com/. There were may lovely fabrics, but none looked right for the kitchen. I then wandered over to the clearance section of http://www.fabric.com/. Nothing there struck me as right either, but then I remembered the white and blue cotton I had bought at http://www.fabric.com/ severl summers back in the hopes of making a trench coat. I had already washed and ironed the fabric and it was on my top shelf. I pulled it down and tried it on the table. It was both too short and too wide.

With fabric, unlike with people ,who are too short and too wide, the surgery is quick and painless. I serged the hems and then covered the serged edges with black grosgrain from the bargain bin at Metro Fabrics. Kashi from Metro groaned when I pulled the roll of grosgrain out of the bin. He reminded me that I was getting a terrific price. I knew that I was. I also knew trhat I would use that ribbon a whole lot. The black grosgrain keeps the sweet blue and white floral from being too adorable. The grosgrain will also help the cloth have a longer life.

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