Coat with covered button

The coat in it's quiet glory

My friend, Mary Katherine, was doing a closet purge. She thought I would like this Tomotsu rain coat. I was delighted to take this coat off her hands. It's black, what could be bad about that? It also has a cool crinkled texture which keeps it from being completely boring. The cut, despite it's very basic shape is flattering. I can also wear it with a belt for a more dashing look.

I took it home but soon discovered that it needed some repairs. Some buttons were missing. I hadn't noticed at first because it was warm when I got the coat. I didn't have a button that matched. Like any sewing person worth her salt, I have several button jars. I had buttons the right size, but none the right color.

I decided to cover a white button and use it as the top button. At first, I had thought to cover the button in velvet. I decided against that elegant look, because that would limit the coat season wise to winter. I briefly thought about using a flashy fabric on that top button. Instead, I covered the button in a black twill. I decided that a basic look was far more versatile.

As I moved some of the other buttons, reinforced the stitching on a couple of others, I took the time to do the sorts of repairs I generally never bother doing. ( "Shoe- maker's childred go barefoot" ) I stitched up a small tear in the lining near the shoulder. I also reinforced one of the button holes with a new row of button hole stitch.

Today, I woke up to a rainy, dreary day. I went out wearing my newly repaired coat all buttoned to the very top with it's elegant new covered button.

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