Getting back to work

My son leaves Wednesday for his stint in the Israeli army. My ex-sister in law, Shula, has graciously taken on the job of being my son's Israeli mom. I made Shula this necklace as a small token of my appreciation. It made out of a wide range of pearls. ( Some of them are really fancy, other's are less so) The necklace can be worn as one long length or can be looped around Shula's neck twice. Shula is slight, pale and blond. I think the light colors will look pretty on her.

I had first taken photos of this necklace on a piece of dark blue fabric. The pearls looked completely lusterless in those pictures. So, I tried again with the pearls resting on some pink knit. The pink did the trick. Same pearls, but they look a whole lot better.

Now that the holidays are over, I can have an actual full week of work. It feels like a luxury. I have to work on an additional draft for Noah's invitation and get cracking on the ark curtain. There is also a tallit screaming for attention.

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