DIY a one seam skirt

These instructions are for a knit skirt. I fell in love with this ruffled grey knit. I had seen similar fabrics in ugly colors. I have also seen this fabric in really ugly print made up into shirts. I bought a yard of the fabric. I have enough left to make a top.
Cut fabric to desired length. This fabric has the added benefit of having a line knit into it. That makes it really easy to cut a straight line. The fact that the ruffle will cover the raw edge means that I don't have to hem this skirt.

I measured the fabric around my hips being sure to include a bit extra for ease. I held that spot on the fabric with my fingers, folded the fabric until that point, alligned it and then cut along the raw edge.

I folded my skirt width in 1/4, with both raw edges and the skirt center on the left. Here I show a thick strand of yarn where I will cut a hip curve. You can figure out the difference between waist and hip both in width as well as the distance between waist and maximum hip width or just use a finished skirt  that fits as your guide line for the curve.The yarn is more or less in the shape that I will cut.
Then I sew up the back seam and the two  hip curves.
For a waistband: I sewed a 2 inch elastic in a circle, quarter marked it and then sewed it to the outside of the skirt matching seam lines to quarter marks. I then turned the elastic to the inside and top stitched.

Here is the completed skirt. it took more time to explain how to make the skirt than it took to actually make it.
We have a party to go to on Saturday night. I may just wear this skirt. The top is one I had in my  drawer. Clearly this will look good with any number of jackets, belts or variations of jewelery.

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  1. Sarah - I LOVE this skirt!
    martha ann

  2. Just beautiful ! Thanks for taking the time to show us your design method :)

  3. when I have more oxygen I'll be able to understand it...I love it!


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