The apple doesn't fall far...

My oldest has always loved dress-up. Dressing in costume was just a big part of her life from the time she was really teeny. When she was little, maybe, three or four, she used to get all dressed up at the end of the day in the black lace bathrobe Mrs. Garcia gave my mother in law as a post surgery gift, a set of wings, a babushka and high heels, and wait in the lobby of our building for her father to come home from work. Once a cranky neighbor took a look at my daughter in one of her get-ups and snottily commented " Is it Halloween?". I replied, "No, it's Tuesday."  In our house, dress up was an every day activity.

My daughter still has more fun with clothes than anyone I know. People ask me if she sews. The answer is, on occasion. Halloween is approaching. it's also my daughter's birthday, and so for her, a really big deal.

Two years ago, she bought herself a boy's Batman costume to wear at an event in college. Since then,. her friends associate her with Batman. My daughter wanted to be Batman for Halloween this year but wanted to remake the boy's costume into something that fit her better.

Batman Costume in it's before state

Batman costume transformed, but with mask, black leggings and utility belt yet to be added

For this project, I didn't do any of the sewing, I was the technical consultant. You can see how jazzed my daughter was by the results. Her success made her muse about the lack of "Underoos" for adults.  She asked me how to put the Batman image on her underpants. I suggested that she cut a stencil and use Shiva paint sticks to fill in the stencil. She cut the stencil and then realized that she could use both the positive and the negative of the stencil to create the image.


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