A day of bits and pieces

Some days, it feels like have gotten nothing done. This is when having this blog comes in handy. As I think about what to post, it forces me to look back at my day and account for my day.

Today I woke up before 5:30 because my youngest had to be awakened to be at school early for a class over night trip. I made him breakfast, ( with hot chocolate made with grated Callebaut chocolate and lots of vanilla) got him out the door for his trip to the country in the driving rain.

I made a flyer for a building light bulb recycling project and tended to other building board work. I did a silly Bollywood dance workout video. I also made the first of five Cholesteral Death Kugel's that I'm making to serve this Shabbat after services as part of our goodbye for our oldest son. At this point, it was 9:30 am.

I went to a rainy grave-side funeral in New Jersey. I also found a printer to do the print work on the invitation that I'm designing. Then I got to work on a second draft of the invitation that you see above.

On the busking front, I received a call back from the office of one of the City Council members that I had called about my son busking. The staffer was outraged and was all gung-ho about taking on helping my son figure out how to busk in Times Square in a kosher way.

I just pulled a second Kugel out of the oven. Several loads of laundry have gotten done during the day as well. Soon, I will begin a marathon laundry fold.

So as I think about it, I did get a fair amount done today.

The invitation is for a bar- mitzvah boy named Noah. After some back and forth we have settled on God's promise to Noah to let nature go through it's usual cycles year after year. We rejected out of hand using the imagery of a dove. We had toyed with the idea of writing the word in an arc/rainbow but have decided on this stylized olive leaf. A similarly shaped olive leaf will be inside the invitation with his Noah's name in both Hebrew and English . The invitation is a gate fold so the invitation text will be on the two outside gates of the inside of the invitation.

Tomorrow the bar-mitzvah mom and I go visit the printer to choose the paper and envelopes and figure out what our various options are. This is a fun piece to work on. The family is wonderful. I love that while they have wonderful ideas, and high standards, they are ready to compromise when reality sets in. So tomorrow while we may not find the perfect envelopes and papers we will find envelopes and papers that will work really well.

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