One of the nice things about old friends, is that they are happy to step into the mom role for you. Our friends Mitch and Susie have invited our oldest for Rosh HaShanah. Susie told my oldest, that she is looking forward to having her because her own kids will be away.

I know that my daughter will be treated like a beloved family member in their cozy home. Susie was one of the first people I knew who quilted. Susie was one of my mentors in my early days of sewing. She loves textiles and rich colors. Susies love of textiles means that when you sleep at her house the sheets are really beautiful and really cozy. 

Aside from Mitch, Susie loves the Grateful Dead. So there is lots of tie dye in Mitch and Susie's home. In thinking about a good house gift, I thought of a set of hand dyed napkins. What you see above is the fabric, a white eyelet with black embroidery that has been painted. I then added both salt and raw rice to absorb the dye and create pattern. The final result will have a cool speckled effect. The fabric was a gift from my sewing buddy Elizabeth.

Once the fabric is dry I will set the color. Then I will cut out and hem the napkins.


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