Food Friday - speedy edition

Sometimes you just want to get that chicken cooked quickly and with a whole lot of flavor. I am a big fan of spice rubs. Often I will make them up on my own. There are , however some really good ones out on the market. They are perfect for when you are both pressed for time, and don't especially want to think.

Our local Internet grocer, Fresh Direct caters to the needs of food -chic obsessed New Yorkers. They produce a terrific line of spice mixes. I used this one on tonight's chicken. I poured a whole bunch of the spice mix into a bowl and then massaged each chicken piece with the mix. Yes, rubbing it in does make a difference. I suppose those repulsed by touching raw chicken, could put the chicken and the spices into a plastic bag and do the massage bit  through the plastic.

My son thought that a shot of lemon juice would make the chicken even better. So half way through the cooking, he added some lemon juice to the chicken.

This chicken falls into one of my favorite food categories. Food that tastes great with minimal effort.

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